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Restorative Dental Treatment in Turkey FAQ

What is Restorative Dental Treatment?

Restorative dental treatment, also known as dental diseases treatment, means the repair and treatment of losses in dental tissue. These losses may occur as a result of decay and fractures in the tooth tissue, or as a result of mineral loss of tooth tissue as a result of a chemical factor without bacterial factor. Restorative dental treatment is the best solution teeth decay.

Why Cavities Occurred?

Tooth decay is defined as the destruction of tooth hard tissues caused by acids released by bacteria as a result of fermentation of dietary carbohydrates. Dental caries is a pathology that occurs with the combination of many microbiological, genetic, immunological, behavioral and environmental factors. In other words, many factors must come together for caries formation.

Is Tooth Decay Preventable?

Decay can occur in different parts of the tooth. There are many detection methods available today to detect these caries. In these regions with different morphology, dental caries also shows different progression areas and speeds. In addition, factors such as the structure and rate of saliva, some systemic diseases, eating habits affect the progression of caries. The stage of tooth decay directly affects the treatment planning. The restorative dentist knows at which stage the caries should be treated and offers a treatment plan to the patient accordingly. New caries can be prevented by brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash. Every 6 months, these initial caries are checked by a dentist.

How is Tooth Abrasions Prevented?

Tooth abrasions can be caused by many etiological factors. Toothbrush-induced abrasion is the most common cause of abrasion among patients. In addition, abrasion caused by acidic foods and abrasion types caused by the contact of teeth with each other are also common. As a result of tooth abrasion, the enamel tissue in the top layer of the tooth is worn and the layer we call dentin appears. The emergence of the dentin layer causes tooth sensitivity. The specialist determines the treatment to be applied according to the level of abrasion. In line with the recommendations of the specialist physician who determines which factor the abrasion is caused by, new abrasions that may occur can be prevented.  

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