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Ear Surgery in Turkey

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Ear Surgery in Turkey

The Yucca Clinic is famous for doing great ear surgery in Turkey. Our Clinic has skilled doctors who use modern tools and methods. They make sure the outcome looks natural. If you want an affordable ear surgery that is also safe, choose the Yucca Clinic.

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, changes the shape of the ears. This can make them look better. It is often used to fix ears that have problems, make big ears smaller, or to put large ears closer to the head. Many people get ear surgery to feel better about how they look.

How is Ear Surgery Done in Turkey?

Ear surgery in Turkey is done with the patient asleep or numb, depending on how much work is needed. The doctor cuts behind the ear to reach the cartilage. Then, they change its shape. After the right shape is made, the cut is sewn shut. A headband is worn to protect the ears while they heal.

Non-Surgical Ear Surgery in Turkey

Lately, more people want non-surgical ear surgery. This method uses skin fillers or threads to change how the ears look. Non-surgical ear surgery is less intense and doesn’t need recovery time. This is good for people who don’t want actual surgery.

What to Know Before and After Ear Surgery in Turkey

Before getting ear surgery in Turkey, learn about the good and bad parts of the operation. Also, find a good and experienced doctor. After the surgery, follow the doctor’s care tips. This includes wearing a headband, not doing hard activities, and staying out of the sun.

Cost of Ear Surgery in Turkey

Ear surgery in Turkey is cheaper than in other places. This is due to lower healthcare costs and good exchange rates. To learn more about ear surgery costs in Turkey, reach out to the Yucca Clinic.

To sum up, ear surgery in Turkey is safe and works well. It helps people feel better about how they look. Whether you want traditional or non-surgical ear surgery, there are many options to pick from. For a good ear surgery experience, choose a skilled doctor. Also, make sure to understand the good and bad parts of the operation.

Otoplasty Turkey FAQ

People who feel unhappy about how their ears look can have ear shaping surgery. It can be done for kids over 5 years old and adults too. It's best to talk about what you want from the surgery with your doctor to see if it's the right choice for you.

After having ear shaping surgery, it takes about a week to ten days to get better. During this time, you need to take it easy and keep your head up to help with any swelling. Your doctor will tell you exactly what you need to do to recover fast.

You won't feel any pain during ear shaping surgery because you will have an anesthesia. After the surgery, you may feel a bit of discomfort and your ears may swell a bit, but painkillers and cool packs can help with this.

Ear shaping surgery in Turkey costs less than in many other countries, or clinics. The exact price will depend on things like the doctor's charges, the type of surgery, and where the clinic is. Your doctor will give you a detailed breakdown of all the costs.

The changes made during ear shaping surgery usually last a very long time and can even be permanent. Some small changes can happen due to getting older or weight changes. Our doctor will give you tips on how to keep your results looking good for as long as possible.

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